With the rise of Netflix and fast internet, we seldom watch movies in theaters.  We only do so when big movie companies churn out franchises like this, Star Wars. 

Since watching the very first one, Episode 4 - A New Hope, we fell in love with it.  We ended it with the Episode 6 - The Return of the Jedi.  Then came the prequels.  We loved it less the first three but still we love them.

We tried to review this movie alone but you can't do so without connecting with the two films before it, Episodes 7 and 8.  This was the conclusion to the trilogy in the same way it did with the original and prequels.

So how did this fare?  As a stand alone movie, it was a fairly good one.  We see Rey honing her Jedi skills with General Leia. We find the rest of the characters finding new information as to what the First Order was doing.  Then they win in the end.  That's a good movie.

However this is not a stand alone movie, how did it connect with the other two?  This writer felt it rebooted the other two somehow.  Episode 7 was an awakening of the sleeping franchise and it was okay in doing so.  Then Episode 8 rebooted it as they felt that something was wrong with 7.  Then 8 again, was rebooted so that they can have a credible and incredible ending.

There were a lot of things in 8 (the Last Jedi) that didn't connect with this one.  The love story between Finn and Rose that was only realized in the end of that movie was somehow "lost" in here.  Hell she was only featured a few minutes.  We thought that the introduction of another ex storm trooper Jannah (played by Naomi Ackie) was the "new' love interest of Finn.  Sadly this wasn't so, and maybe he would be the newest love for Lando Calrissian (he loves tech so he wouldn't).   Rose's had a lot of minutes in 8 that we expect her role to be significant in 9 as well. Expectation bred frustration as she was relegated only in a few scenes.  

Then there was the issue of Master Code Breaker in 8 that we thought would be shown again but wasn't.  His character then was mysterious so it would have been a great addition in this last episode.  The guy who impersonated him and betrayed Finn and Rose is also a colorful character to pursue.  I would like to see their revenge on this character here but alas, wasn't there at all.

So to reboot the whole 7 and 8, they returned Emperor Palpatine of Episode 6.  How in the world did he manage to escape his death in Return of the Jedi?  How did he manage to hide after that and escaped detection in 7 and 8.  Was it the Sith power again that kept him hidden?  Why create the First Order (with Snoke) when he was creating the Last Order?  How was he able to do both?  If he was alive, and Snoke was merely a clone, why not resurrect Snoke again?  We saw a lot of Snoke yet not one was resurrected.  There are a lot of questions we have but was not clearly discussed in the movie.  If this was unintentional, then they have a very bad team of writers.  If this was intentional, then they are a genius.  We will see the answers in new series to be shows on Disney+, their new streaming service.  We are seeing this in the Mandolorian and their Clone Wars series where they try to patch the holes they have dug in previous films.  Clever.

Going back to the movie, if you were not a Star Wars fan, you can learn to appreciate this but maybe confused on some plot points as they may have been in previous films.  Taken as a stand alone film, you can say yes to this.  Simple story line, good triumphs over evil.

For us fans this movie will remain dead last in the 9 films shown so far.  Very confusing story telling and introduction of Palpatine was the last straw for us.  Are there no more plot twists available in the galaxy?  The last scenes of this movie I thought I was watching Return of the Jedi.  Here was Palpatine enticing Rey to go over the dark side and showing her the battle between the Rebels and the Last Order ships in the skies above.  Kylo Ren's turn wasn't a surprise either, his grandfather did so we expected this.  We were kinda hoping Rey would turn dark side to make this ending interesting and possibly have a great sequel in Episode 10.  She didn't so it was a bummer.

The only thing we liked or was pleasantly surprised with great writing and story telling was why Rey had to carry two light sabers to confront Palpatine.  That one was very clever and won't spoil it for you. Better watch it closely or else you'll miss it.

I can't blame the movie was it was so confusing, but I blame Disney for mucking up a very good franchise.  George Lucas was chastised for making the prequels that he eventually sold it to Disney.  The latter had a great run with Marvel so we expect so much with Episodes 7, 8 and 9 with them.  This was a let down more than the prequels by George Lucas.

Although mostly still with the Star Wars feeling, the movies lack continuity and direction.  Various director and creative team changes resulted to this and I do hope they make a good comeback.  Knowing Disney, they will make another trilogy, Star Wars is a great cash cow but we are expecting them to do this in their Disney+ streaming service. 

Rian Johnson (the director of Last Jedi) had a good run with the movie he made and rumors has it, he has a trilogy already lined up beginning 2022 release.  This was still a rumor and with the effect of 9, that's a pipe dream for now.  Even the Obi Wan Kenobi TV series was also delayed.

I think there will be a major shake up at the Lucasfilm camp and I do hope for the better.

Did it really rise? - Star Wars: Episode IX - Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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What do you get when you have Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin in one movie?  Awesome right?  It might as well be.

Now Aloha is a movie written and directed by Cameron Crowe, the guy who also wrote Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Jerry Maguire, and Almost Famous.  He was also the who one who created the screenplays of Vanilla Sky and We Bought a Zoo.  So clearly the movie will be something short of great when you have taken these films altogether.

The movie is about a military contractor named Brian Gilcrest (played by Bradley Cooper) who was sent back to Hawaii to help in the expansion of a military base there.  The expansion was for a defense contractor Carson Welch (played by Bill Murray) who plans to build a space center for the military.  In Brian's return, he was paired with an Air Force liaison in Captain Allison Ng (played by Emma Stone) and he met his former sweetheart in Tracy (played by Rachel McAdams).

Brian's mission is to appease the Hawaiian King, King Kanahele and get his blessing for the planned expansion project.  For a time there he was having some problems until Allison stepped in and interceded for him.  Allison being partial Hawaiian made the connection with the King and was instrumental in making his mission a success.  And a few scenes later they had sex.

Allison Ng is very idealistic when it comes to dealing with the sky above.  She believes in the Hawaiian gods won't be happy if we weaponize it.  This was her view when she helped out Brian with King Kanahele, who also would not want a weapon on the supposed project expansion.  All were fine until Allison found out that Carson had other plans.  She had a fight with Brian about this but his hands were tied, he had to help Carson.

In the end, he was able to help Carson launch the weaponized satellite but Brian had a change of heart because of Allison.  Brian mentions that his career was dead and pushed Allison away to keep her from being implicated.  Of course eventually Brian's actions were exonerated and he was able to be with Allison in the end.

I might have skipped some loving moments in between but these were I think was good to make another movie altogether.

Now, the movie in itself is a refreshingly new approach.  An original story with clearly written scenes with witty dialogues, I love it if taken on these parameters.   However cleverly written, the movie suffers on continuity or maybe I don't know how its called.  Let me explain.

The movie suffers from too many well written scenes even when these are side stories.  Very creative, very rich in content but somehow distracted this writer as to what the real story was here.  Was this movie about Brian and Tracy?  Tracy and Woody?  Brian and Allison?  Brian and King Kanahele?  Brian and Carson?  There were a lot of side stories that all were complete, so complete.

In the end, for us it was all about Brian.  It wasn't the space program, it wasn't his relationships with the women but it was about simply Brian.  After watching the movie in its entirety that we were able to surmise his apprehension about his love life and career and his history.  

It's easy to be deluged by the dialogues but for this writer, what was not said was the most endearing of them all.  There was a scene when the silent Woody confronted Brian about Tracy.  With no words spoken, the two was able to reach out (there were subtitles as dialogues) and messages was sent and received, albeit correctly.  Such a cute scene of "brotherly" love.

If you like to watch this, you may as its being shown on Netflix.

Welcome and Goodbye - Aloha (2015)

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Will Smith is one of my favorite action heroes with hit and miss films.  I loved him in Men in Black,  I Am Legend, Enemy of the State and Bad Boys.  I don't like his films Wild Wild West, Independence Day, After Earth.  How will this movie fare? Let's find out.

The movie revolves around Will Smith and Will Smith and another Will Smith.  The two latter Wills are the younger versions of him.

The story starts with Henry Brogan (played by Will Smith) doing his assassin thing and we later found out that he really is quite good with killing people.  At 51 he then began feeling remorseful and wishes to retire.  Only to find out that there are people out there doesn't wish for him to retire, but want him simply dead. That is the story line and you will see there are a lot of attempts on his life that I feel it took almost half of the movie.  Being our hero, he survives each time by pure genius or simply stroke of luck.  

Along the way he brings with him Danny Zakarweski (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Baron (played by Benedict Wong).  So he goes around the world with these two early in the film till the end, almost.  All this while he was being chased by a young Junior, who was a clone and raised by Clay Verris (played by Clive Owen).  Being a clone, he has the same abilities, thinking and assassin smarts needed to kill off Henry.  Being more experienced, he was able to best the other in skills, but the younger Junior is also keeping up making the story interesting.

Now Will Smith acting is not superb here but is just enough to portray a credible retired assassin.  His younger Junior suffers the same way, except that CGI and other effects are terrible.  It was like watching Spiderman CGI all over again.  I know putting two Will Smith's in one frame is difficult but I wish they did it tastefully.  The CGI movement defies the laws of Physics and I was simply laughing instead of being wowed by the action scenes.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead truly delivers here.  We liked her in Die Hard and the Vampire Killer and we saw a potential in her.  Glad to see her tackling action and mature roles here in Gemini Man.  She is an undercover agent monitoring on Will Smith and does some good action chops here.  I was hoping to see more of her in action films then I later found out, she is among the cast of Birds of Prey, so that will be a good movie to watch when it comes out.

Benedict Wong here is like Wong in the Marvel Universe.  He may wear shorts and colorful shirts, but he is still the lovable Wong for us.  I can't picture him in a military gear (good thing he didn't here) as he says he was in tour with Henry Brogan in Afghanistan, Mogadishu and other hotspots.  He is though a great pilot so maybe he can get away with his persona here.

Clive Owen is always great as a villain but somehow his acting is so stiff that we see only one kind of acting.  When we saw him here, we thought we are watching his character in Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets.  His brooding voice which is great as a villain, somehow was not enough to bring the character Clay Verris to life.  Clive Owen is also good with action and in both Gemini Man and Valeria, he didn't do any, much to our disappointment.  We love him in Shoot 'em Up and the BMW short film, the Escape.  Even a bit role in Pink Panther as 006 he wowed us with a little bit of action that we thought he can go after the James Bond role himself.  Alas wasn't to be so we will just be satisfied with him being stiff here.

Overall, the story line is a good one.  Having one assassin confront his sins and find a younger version of himself after him, that makes a hell of a good story.  The story telling is short of good here as most of the film is about him being chased all over the world.  I wish there was more to it than just being chased after.  Will Smith is a great actor but somehow splitting himself between confused him somewhat as we didn't respond well to his younger self or maybe it was the CGI that disinterested us, I dunno.

I can very well place this film to my so so list of movies of Will Smith but a memorable movie for Mary Elizabeth Winstead in an adult role.  

Looking at the Mirror - Gemini Man (2019)

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Would you like to see a young Aunt May and Tony Stark?  Then you are in luck, both of them in one movie called Only You.

Its about a young woman who's destined to a marry her soul mate with the name "Damon Bradley".  This destiny was made known to her when she was young by a fortune teller.  Even when she had relationships, she relishes the thought that she would really meet and wed this Damon Bradley.

She was about to be married when her fiancee informed her that an old high school classmate of his, is going to Venice and his name is Damon Bradley.  Even with 10 days to go for her marriage, she decides to go to Venice and meet this Damon Bradley.  Tugging along her sister, both went on a road trip to find him.  Just missing him in Venice, they followed Damon to Rome where he met with an American who initially told her he is Damon Bradley.  They had a romantic thing that night until she finds out that he is not Damon Bradley.  He is Peter Wright, who's working for a shoe company back in the US.  Travelling to Italy on a buying mission, he pretended to be Damon Bradley so he can be with Faith Corvatch (played by Marisa Tomei). 

Faith was so angry with Peter and she was about to go back home when her sister had a romantic thing going with an Italian guy and would like to stay longer.  As sort of penance for Peter's erroneous ways, he tracked down Damon Bradley to another town in Italy and guides Faith, her sister and their new Italian friend.  The Damon Bradley there was another pretender that Peter concocted to make bad on Damon Bradley, hoping that Faith would eventually like him instead.  Another ruse that Faith uncovered, she is so pissed at Peter.

A romantic story that turned to be a love and hate relationship, Faith turned to liking Peter in the process.  It was her pride that she was duped many times by Peter that she doesn't show her interest to him.  In the final scene at the airport, when they were about to board each other's plane, the name of Damon Bradley was announced over the PA system.  Both of them scramble to see who this Damon Bradley really is.  Both arrived at the same time but it was Peter who spoke to Damon Bradley, who he claims in the luckiest man alive.  After his brief spiel, he left Faith alone with Damon Bradley.  In the end Faith realizes that she does love him and instead of boarding her plane, she decided to follow him in his plane.  Happy ever after.

Now the movie is an original story about love and destiny of sorts.  Following her destiny eventually lead her to another and it was a funny story all the way.  Really love the acting by Robert Downey Jr. here as always and this was pre-trouble years for him.  We also love Marisa Tomei and her nasal way of speaking, so cute.  Although great together with great performances, we don't see a romantic connection between them.  The movie is really about Faith so don't expect much with Peter.  The latter came in midway into the film.

So if you want a movie about destiny and how it screws your life many times over, then watch this.  An original story with different twists, so refreshing coming from a film from the 1990s.

Currently being shown in Netflix, make this one will surely make one good movie for a marathon.

Only You (1994) - Can make my heart beat faster

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With both Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce in a movie, what could go wrong?  When we saw the poster plastered on Netflix, I knew this would be a great movie.  I fervently prayed that all the rest like directorial touch, the writing, the screenplay, cinematography would not fail these two great actors.  If this was an action film, maybe I can forgive the storyline and all the rest and just rely on the stunts.  Theirs was a dramatic film and I bore easily with these kind of genre if not properly handled well by production people.

Gladly they pull it off with style.  This movie now is the best movie this writer has watched for my entire lifetime.  I have not been a religious of lot lately and I had thoughts going over the content when I decided to watch this film.  I relied on both actors to bring home the story to my heart and again, I do hope it won't bore me with the details.  Bore me it did not.  

The movie I thought would be carried by these two great actors, but I was wrong.  The story in itself was the home run and the two simply were just the messengers.  The continuity of the scenes were superb and I was not confused with the back stories that pop up more often during the first part of the film.  When drama movies give you lull time in the story to afford your mind wander or heaven forbid let you fall asleep, this one affords none of that.  When you think there's a lull, the scenes are important to the story, of how it affected our hero in Cardinal Bergolglio (played by Jonathan Pryce), who later on became Pope Francis.

To give you the synopsis, the movie is a biopic about Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, a priest raised in Argentina.  Its based on a true story of sorts based on history and speeches he and Cardinal Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI (played by Anthony Hopkins).  These two had opposing views on religion, financial and politics and there was a gap in between them that the movie bridged to create a story of what those conversations between might have been.

Early in the film, Cardinal Bergoglio got engaged and was about to go into marriage details when suddenly he passed by a church and had a chance to talk to a priest.  That conversation he took as a sign for priesthood so he broke off his engagement and pursued his vocation.  Argentina at that time was rocked with political turmoil and the movie mentioned his fight with the government was very much different with what others did, so this made him look like he sided with the oppressive regime, branding him as a traitor for those who opposed the government.  This stigma hounded him for many years thus he continued paying the price of penance by doing service to the masses.  Even when he was made a Bishop, he did not live like one, he refused the lifestyle of a Bishop and went on with his chores humbly.  Consider it as his penance he mentioned in the movie.  When he became a cardinal, he became a worthy rival with Cardinal Ratzinger for Papal position for which he lost.  He didn't desire the position for which other Cardinals push him for, so when he went back to Argentina, he asked for an early retirement.  After getting no response from the Pope, he proceeded to the Vatican to appeal for his letter, only to be called upon by the Pope himself.  Upon his arrival, a series of talks ensued that made the movie grand as we call it.  The battle of wits and words are so monumental in this stage, that we were enamored with the two opposing views.  In the end, Pope Benedict XVI renounced the papal throne and went on with this retirement.  The movie then showed Cardinal Bergoglio winning the seat unanimously and went on to be Pope Francis who wanted nothing of tradition and immediately went in front of the catholic religion with humble robes, not much of the fanfare his previous popes had undergone.

Religious films are not page turners they say but this one really stuck with this writer in the gut.  There were a lot of scenes worthy of mentioning, the scene wherein Pope Benedict on the time he heard the voice of God since his early priesthood days until he became Pope and somehow lost that voice, until he heard it again telling him about Cardinal Bergoglio.  We also liked the scene wherein Cardinal Bergoglio shared a mass with his Father Jalics (whom was incarcerated by the Argentine government and was tortured ) whom he reconciled with.  Cardinal Bergoglio for years felt that his efforts to save him wasn't enough and he was hounded by this fact.  During said mass, both hugged in tears and Cardinal Bergoglio was forgiven by Father Jalics, a very strong scene indeed. We were touched by this gesture of Father Jalics.  There was a scene midway about Cardinal Bergoglio extolling how Germany and Argentina would be great teams in the finals of the world cup, and Pope Benedict didn't know much about football, in the ending credits, it showed both men watching the two teams battle it off in the finals.  It was great to see Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) rooting for Argentina, complete with the team's banner and shouting.  During this time,  Pope Benedict (now called Cardinal Ratzinger after his renouncement) realized the game's excitement, proceeded with their play of wit and words and with additional jovial banter against each other.

Clearly the movie was wonderfully made that I forgot about the two great actors and focused more on the story.  This was a great movie and we hope future movies can be made like this.  Your eyes get filled with wonderful scenes of Argentina and the Vatican, and your mind filled up as well about how these two view about their religion.  They may not have evangelized the catholic religion in the film but surely their actions and words here would have done so easily.

Currently being in Netflix and we STRONGLY suggest you watch this one. 

A grand movie of religious proportions - The Two Popes (2019)

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War films usually tell of action and suspense, or of explosions and missions.  Well with this one, there are none of those.  There are some explosions but not much enough to be called a war film really.  The movie is about the life of Louie Zamperini, a long distance olympian runner who ran at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.  He was commissioned into service as a bombardier and crashed and captured over the Marshall Islands by the Japanese.  This was his story of his strength and determination to make it alive until the war ends.

The film starts of him creating a back story of how he decided and trained for the olympics.  It molded us to his character that with determination he was able to succeed to whatever he focused on.  He thought of running, he made sure that he wins.  This back story laid the foundation for his character that we understood when we see him stranded in the ocean for more than 45 days until they were "rescued" by the Japanese.  His determination to survive hurdled his hunger and thirst while in the little lifeboat they had, well enough to carry him to his next ordeal, the prison camp.

While there, he had undergone new hardships under the prison guards namely under the watchful eye of "the Bird".  An english speaking rich Japanese who like to humiliate him in front of others.  The Bird sees him as a strong willed prisoner and that he would like to "break" him.  Of course Louie would have none of that and continued to ward off all the things thrown at him by the Japanese.  His famous line here - "if I can take it, I can make it".  The only way for them to win the war is to stay alive till the end.

The movie is a slow moving film, purposely of course, trying to mold you into the hardships and struggle of our hero. We were bored with some parts we admit it, but some of you might like that idea of purposely slowing the story line.  The character of the Bird we feel should have been played more, to create a contrast to or similarity with our hero.  The Bird mentioned that there were both "strong" thus he felt they would be friends with Zamperini, however we found no part in the film that showed him being "strong" and equal to Zamperini.  Except for him shouting, we thought he was weak when he did that.

Anyway, he survived his ordeal in the camps and was alive until the war ended.  In the end of the  film, he wanted to see the Bird but he was no longer in his room.  He left his cane that brought pain and suffering to Zamperini.  The last few scenes were of him seeing his family back home and how happy he was to be back.

To cap the movie, they showed the real Louis Zamperini and how he lived his life.  He got married and had 2 offsprings.  True to his promise that should he survive, he would devote his time for the Lord and became an evangelist.  He also forgave his captors, including the Bird, as he deemed the best way to move forward is to forgive.  He even went back to Japan to talk to his captors and it was only the Bird who doesn't want to meet him.

The most tear jerker moment in the end is when he again ran for the Olympics, in Japan.  He carried the Olympic torch for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.  A place where his last POW camp was near.  

A great story of Louis Zamperini's determination and character.  A worthy watch if you are into biographies.   Zamperini is performed here by Jack O'Cnnell and directed by Angelina Jolie and currently showing on Netflix.

A Emotionally Charged War Film - Unbroken (2014)

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During the 1990s when you see Michael Douglas on the poster you immediately would want to watch that movie.  We don't know how but somehow this dashing actor, even when he looks the same in most of his movies, can pull off that character and make it unique for that movie.  When he was in the American President, we loved him as the president.  He played Gordon Gecko in Wall Street, we loved him as that shrewd and greedy businessman, and in other roles in Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct and Falling Down to name a few.

Now he comes here as Ed Leland, a hotshot lawyer that doubles as a spy for the US Government and we now love him as the spy.  We may not see him put out some spy shit here but hell, we believed him to be so in this movie.

Paired with Douglas is Melanie Griffith playing Linda Voss.  A half German half Irish girl who grew up in New York City.  She became the translator cum secretary then lover to our Ed Leland.  In a stroke of luck, she volunteers to be a spy inside Germany as she is qualified she says like a German butchers wife.  She was to gather intelligence for a secret weapon Germany was creating against the Allied forces during World War II.  She was inserted as a cook but her dishes went array and their mission is almost scrubbed when suddenly she was hired as a nanny for a much higher ranking officer, Franz-Otto Dietrich (played by Liam Neeson).  Here she was able to get the information she needed and that helped in the war against Germany.

The movie is well made, the story line was solid, the back stories were short and sweet, the side stories about her cousins and the betrayal of her friend Margrete Von Eberstein (played by Joely Richardson) were good enough to add some spice to the movie.  There are dull moments in the film, each lull in the story telling are important thus keeps you glued to the screen.

To be honest, we were never a fan of Melanie Griffith but somehow in this one, we were.  The movie was tailored fit for a heroine and we were glad she pulled off a great performance.  We recommend that you watch this film if you get a chance as this is a great spy romance thriller drama of a movie.  Sadly its not on Netflix at the time of this writing, but we are confident this is shown on Amazon Prime.

Women Bravery in Shining Through (1992)

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Great on screen and off (in the movie) sweethearts, fans adored Gwen Harrison (played by Catherine Zeta Jones) and Eddie Thomas (played by John Cusack).  Who wouldn't love both eye candy couple when paired on screen?  

In this film, present time they had a falling out.  Gwen called it quits and it left Eddie in shambles.  Eddie even admitted himself to a institution to treat his depression over their break up. Both were trying to move on from their relationship, Gwen had a new partner and Eddie is getting well in his treatments when suddenly their last movie was about to be shown to the public.  Imagine it would be a public relations nightmare to have these two get back together again just to promote the movie.  

Neither one would like to be seen together.  Gwen's partner is so jealous she knows he would flip out.  For Eddie, he is afraid he would go into a relapse and go back to being depressed.  Now it is up to the PR consultant Lee Philips (played by Billy Crystal) to bring these two in front of the media for the movie review screening.

True to the genius of Lee, he was able to bring in the two to the event.  The movie is a make or break for the production company so everything is on Lee's shoulders to make it as a successful one.  Due to the couple's situation, Lee decided to hold the press junket aka movie screening in the middle of the desert.  He hints that should everything goes south, the invited media would have a hard time publishing it and this would give him time to create damage control so to speak.

To add to his stars' problems is the film in itself.  The director hasn't even sent a copy of the film to the producers and Lee so they don't know if there's even a movie to be reviewed by the press.  So Lee is being hounded in 5 fronts, Gwen, Eddie, the producer, the director and the media.  A very formidable task which only the great Billy Crystal can pull off.

All the bells and whistles the PR can concoct he does to make the movie preview great.  Like releasing a CCTV footage that supposedly got "leaked" to the press.  Good or bad publicity is publicity still so Lee takes full advantage of this.

Everything was going great when suddenly Kiki Harrison (played by Julia Roberts) came back with Gwen and met Eddie.  Kiki was a plus sized sister and production assistant to Gwen when they were a couple.  So Eddie was surprised that Kiki is now a sexy bombshell and he noticed how beautiful she was or she is now.

Early in the story, Eddie still had the hots for Gwen and longs for a second chance, however when Eddie began using Kiki as a bridge, something changed.  Eddie began to see Kiki more and more appealing than Gwen.  During the whole event, Eddie has been smitten by Kiki and the other half of the movie became exciting to watch till the end.

The movie is great thanks to the acting of its starts, but the storyline taken as flat, is also great.  Its the in between details that made this movie a regular movie bottomline.  It wasn't funny as we hoped it would be, except for the Billy Crystal scenes, not was romantic as we have known John Cusack's films are, not as dramatic as with other Catherine Zeta Jones movies are, and it wasn't sweet as like other Julia Roberts films would be.  It's stuck in the middle for us between boring and exciting.

Even with this reaction from us, we still recommend this movie for your marathon since its an ALL STAR Cast.....  This is not on Netflix so watched on Amazon Prime.

Be in Love with the American Sweethearts (2001)

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Who would be the best anti hero if your heroes are cops?  It's cops themselves.  In this third outing Lethal Weapon, we shall find Jack Travis an ex cop, who knows the system does something really really bad.  He was selling "for destruction" confiscated guns to street thugs.  To add more to this situation, he was selling what you call "cop killer" bullets.  The type of ammunition that penetrates the bullet proof vests worn by cops, thus the monicker.

It is now up to these two heroes to come up with a strategy to thwart Jack Travis' plans.  Coming back here is Leo Getz, that odd ball character that lends comedic touch to this already action packed movie.  As this would not be like the other 2 movies prior, they added a romantic angle for our lead, Martin Riggs (played by Mel Gibson).  They introduced a heroine in the likes of Lorna Cole (played by Rene Russo).  Both characters look great both on screen and script.  Both are passionate cops and would use violence as a means of ending discussions with bad guys.  They are more of a shoot now explain later type of a couple that lends additonal action scenes for the movie with romance to boot.

Direction was typical of hollywood during this time. Lots of actual stunts, not much or no CGI at all I don't know, but action scenes do look like real and we love it.  Richard Donner for us did a great job with this film.  The movie didn't wow us, it didn't leap at us, but it was made as enjoyable as possible as it could be.

Our take on this movie?  We love this twist in the franchise and maybe our best movie among them 4.  Currently its being shown on Netflix so make sure you add this to your movie marathon.

Im not getting old for this - Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

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Our favorite things are food and movies, when combined, it is just adorable.  Burnt might be your preferred state of food but the title suggest not about food.  Its about a famous Michelin starred chef who was disgraced due to his way with drugs in France.  Now the movie starts off with him rehabilitated and wants to make a comeback.

He retraces his steps back to win another Michelin Star, his second and he is adamant about getting it.    He got back his former crew and arrange for a restaurant with his former investor.  Finally he launches his dream only to be haunted by his past.  These are some of the kinds of struggle our chef goes through in the film.  Lots of twists and turns befell Adam Jones, the hero chef in the movie but you can see him struggling hard to overcome them.  This is what makes this film endearing.  

Bradley Cooper is great as Adam Jones here.  A chef with eye into details, with an eccentric personality to boot.  He shouts to show is displeasure like the ones we see in Masterchef, he praises rarely as well.  His love for his craft is clearly shown here as much as he loves his sous chef , Helene.

The film ain't technical so don't expect Masterchef quality entertainment here.  It's not as entertaining as the movie Chef (starred by Jon Fabros) but this is the darker side of it.  What Chef sanitizes because he was with his kid, this movie lets loose Adam Jones' ego and anger into the audiences.  If you want to see his struggles and wins, then watch the movie.  Its nice to see how his journey for his second start ends.  Will he get that elusive star? 

What's that burning in the kitchen? - Burnt (2015)

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