Adam Sandler has been churning out a lot of movies one after another and sometimes we thinking if his movies still hold with a great story.  We are afraid that his creative juices will run out soon and all we are left with are a watered down version on his new movies.

Don't Mess with The Zohan is a long name and this intrigue us already.  Adam Sandler plays Zohan Dvir here, an Israeli counter terrorist commando who finally gets tired of fighting with the Palestinians lead by Fathoush "Phantom" Hakbarah (played by John Turturro).  He want to change his life and leave the world of fighting so stages his death to start life anew as a hair stylist in the United States.

A silly story line with a silly premise with a silly super human character in the Zohan, we would like to raise our hands in surrender.  What saved this film for us was the use of great music that echoes throughout Zohan's character.  He likes Disco and this reverberates in most parts of the film.  A great cast also supports the film to the end but sad to say, most of them are just pushed to the sidelines with silly situations that didn't push their performances to the hilt.

We believe that the premise of the movie is the music, the disco beat, and this is the storyline as well.  Underneath the soundtrack, the movie tries its best to be a political statement against the centuries old fighting between the jews and the palestinians.  They even went so far to induce a romantic tryst between the two cultures like Romeo and Juliet.  Rope in Fathoush as the brother of the Zohan's love interest, how lucky or unlucky can you be?

To add some comedy or funny moments in the film, they went also into some racial stereotypes.  We Filipinos are not aware of them here as we know little of their war and we, the Filipino culture accepts this as a way of comedy.  

In the end, the movie is something you can watch through on a boring friday night.  Something that will tide you over the weekend and maybe forget the film on monday.  Because we forget the details of the film, we could watch this film over and over again and think of it as a new movie each time we watched it.  A movie marathon staple if you ask us.

You Really "Don't Want to Mess with The Zohan "(2008)

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What's with comedians trying to do drama? or find themselves in enigmatic looking characters?  It seems like they are trying to expanding their acting performances and its note worthy that Eddie Murphy tries his luck with this.

Featuring an cast of rising stellar proportions, we can a see a lot of them new actors here while on their way of becoming famous.  We see Elizabeth Hanks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan and Kevin Hart.

A story of a group of aliens who crash landed on earth, New York actually and to disguise themselves their spaceship is in the form of a human.  Ridiculous if you ask us but that's how their premise goes.  These aliens turned out to be small, albeit 10cms tall at best.  And they control the human figure spaceship's motor functions to assimilate into our society while they find a way to get back home.

Their home being plagued with an energy crisis.  They need all the ocean water on earth and they have a metal ball for which to drain and store it.  This ball was lost and they found it in a photo with Elizabeth Banks son.  The spaceship, then named Dave Ming Chang, piloted by Number 1 (Eddie Murphy, and yes the spaceship is also in the form of Eddie Murphy) tries to befriend Elizabeth's character in the hopes of getting back that ball.

Being aliens, Number 1 has no idea with human interactions and emotions and in the process learns a lot.  He and along with his crew comes to grips with the emotions and experienced some changes in them as well.  

Literally a fish out of water black comedy, this movie is so ridiculous that you don't have to believe the premise.  Its so far fetched that watching this film solely on this merit will make you want to change the channel or move over to the next movie in your marathon.  That being said, we liked the richness of the creativity of its writers and director for coming up with a ridiculous film such as this.  We would like to acknowledge Eddie Murphy's attempts to do something new and innovative for a change.

The whole movie is something hard for us to review with its quirkiness and all but somehow we were able to finish the movie and experience the emotions shown in the film.  It reminded us of how human we are and that aliens learned from us.  It's ridiculous right?  Aliens learning from us, wait are there really aliens?

Currently being shown in Amazon Prime.

Would You Like to "Meet Dave" (2008)?

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We love Siguourney Weaver since we saw her in Alien and she continues to shine in every movie that she's into.  One of those great performances can be found herein.

She plays a field expert on serial killers in the movie as Dr. Helen Hudson.  On her biggest catch yet, Daryll Lee Cullum was able to kill a police officer and assaulted her,  before he was finally apprehended.  This encounter traumatized her so much that she became a recluse.  Trapped within her apartment world, she gets agoraphobic even at the thought of her going outside.

All seemed fine on her own world when a series of murders comes to town.  Inspector MJ Monahan (played by Holly Hunter, another great actress) was investigating these cases when Dr. Hudson sent information about these murders.  She hasn't met Dr. Hudson and she was amazed by the accuracy of the details she sent, although the case details weren't made known to the public.  This made Monahan make her a resource person in the investigations.

At first they thought they were after one killer when suddenly Dr. Hudson realized that they were dealing with a copycat killer.  She arrived at this conclusion after seeing how the murders were done using different styles featuring famous serial killers Dr. Hudson had discussed on her lecture.  To catch the killer, she had to resort back to Daryll Lee Cullum, the serial killer she put in prison.  It turned out the killer was one of his so called apostles or fans who became obsessed with Dr. Hudson.

Daryll was able to help but eventually it was Dr. Hudson and Inspector Monahan who eventually got to the copycat killer.

A great watch this film with Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter together.  With the two starring in this, I don't know how could this go wrong?  Storyline was nicely written and the pacing just right for a thriller with enough excitement to carry you over to the end.  

Movie is currently being shown in Amazon Prime just in case you would like to look for this one.

A Thriller Worth Watching - Copycat (1995)

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I don't know if pushing for gambling is a great way to earn money but give this film a leeway.  The lead played by Jim Sturgess as Ben Campbell is a mathematic major and was accepted to Harvard Medical School.  He can't afford the tuition so he applies with the Robinson Scholarship.  He went to the interview and the interviewer asked him what will make his lifestory "jump out of the page" and eventually land him that scholarship.  And his lifestory begins.

Ben started off in the movie as a brilliant student as a nobody, a geek with great grades with a steady low paying job as a sales clerk in a suit store.  It will be a boring film if we continue with this story line but of course they have to liven it up.

He had a problem, his tuition for Harvard Medical School and he knows he can't afford it with his sales clerk of a salary.  Even with his mom's cheque, simply he can't go the medical school.  Here comes the solution in the likes of Professor Micky Rosa (played by the great Kevin Spacey).  He offers Ben the chance to earn that USD300,000 easy.  Of course he had to know if Ben was capable of the task.  He introduces him to his blackjack team and checks out if he could "count" cards.  Eventually he learned the trick and in no time he was great in counting cards.  It by the way is illegal in casinos so being caught doing so will have great repercussions.  

Ben knows the risks and finally dives in the world of gambling.  Every weekend they go to Las Vegas to win over the casinos.  I didn't know how extreme effort was into card counting and this movie shows the intricacies of it.  As usual, they win big and to add twist to this, Ben lost all his money.  He had then made efforts to win it all back, of course or else boring of a film right?  Who watches a movie with the lead losing in the end (except for bad guy or chinese films)?

Kevin Spacey played it great here as the mentor.  He is a great actor already and this one here I can list as one of his best.  Mix in Laurence Fishburn, and you have a great recipe for a great film.  All I can't dig is the fact that a mathematic major would be interested in becoming a doctor.  Except for this thing, the film is a great watch.

Complete with drama, pitting his old friends with his new friends, his great desire to get into Harvard, his relationship with his mentor professor and his interactions with the casino security guy, his love for his mom, all was worth the time watching the film.  Add in action, yes action, there are a number of chases and some bit of violence in the movie, all it lacks is a song and dance number.

Currently showing in Amazon Prime if you want to watch this.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - 21 (2008)

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I love vintage movies and will this work for me?  The answer was a resounding yes.  Although some scenes or acting can seem be quirky but it's just enough to bring you back to the style of directing or acting within the time they purport them to be.

I was amazed by how Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger can pull off as a couple in the 60s much more do some dance and sing routines.

McGregor plays a women's or woman's man Catcher Block, a successful writer for the magazine Know.  Known for his outrageous and being notorious with the ladies, he comes here as a "catch" really.  meanwhile Zellwegger is a country girl turned best selling author Barbara Novak who comes to New York.  Her book is named "Down with Love" and literal to its title, Barbara downs love and focuses more on sex instead.  Why would men only hold monopoly on sex, her book lists down the process for the women to downplay love and eventually lead one to have sex "ala carte".

Catcher was supposed to interview Novak but his worldly ways has him postponing all the times he was supposed to do so.  This made Novak furious and even branding him on live television as the "Worst Kind of Man".  A man who doesn't believe in love and that it was about time that women too must be a "Down with Love" kind of an individual.

In efforts to retaliate, Catcher believes that Novak was spurned with love and vows he will find out who that guy was.  He went undercover as Zip Martin, an astronaut, and so backward, a true opposite of who is trying to win Novak's trust.

In the process of uncovering the truth behind Novak, Zip or Catcher was caught in his own web.  He slowly falls in love with Novak.  Near the end, he finally learns who "spurned" Novak.  We don't want to spoil the ending part as this is an interesting movie to watch.  Its not normal watching a 1960s inspired story line and the directing it according to the style of the era.  Glad they didn't update the directorial style or else this would have lost its charm.

Showing currently on Amazon Prime.

Will Love Lose? - Down with Love (2003)

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You want to see Jon Favreau at his best as an actor?  Try catching him here in Chef.  Who knew that the director and actor can pull off being a great chef on screen?  Well, he is one here in Chef.  He is also the co-producer, director and lead actor in the film. Talk about wearing different hats for this film.

Touted as his "back to basic" film after doing big budget ones, this one isn't a push over movie if you ask us.  Look at his supporting cast, Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johanssen, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman and even Robert Downey Jr. doing a cameo role.

The story revolves around a great chef who does great food only to be struck down by a food critic not to his fault though.  You will see why in the film as he was engulfed in the politics of the fine dining industry.

Seemed to lose everything, he tries to go basic when he wants to make a comeback with a food truck.  He went back to his cuban roots and dishes out some cubano food, I mean really cubano food.  With the help of his son, who's great with twitter, he became famous once again.

A great film about a famous chef, who went back up in the limelight, got grips with his emotions, fixes his relationship with his son in process.  We love how Jon Favreau dishes out those cubano food with gusto making the film great to watch, add up the lively cubano music of latin jazz, new Orleans Jazz and blues.  Mixing food, acting and music, wow this is something not you see in every film nowadays.

Cuban cooking at its best - Chef (2014)

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Early on Will Smith's career, he had hair.  When he finally shaved his head when his career finally took off.  He works best as a government cop or agent.  He is an FBI agent here in Mercury Rising.

Currently showing on Netflix, I had a chance to watch another great performance from Will Smith here.  In the movie he is an undercover FBI agent who got burned in the process of saving one boy who he thought was worth saving.  His actions of course were against his superior's better judgement and he got sidelined in the bureau.

Meanwhile Simon, an autistic boy, manages to crack a highly confidential new encryption developed by the government.  He was able to do so as the people who developed it published an encrypted message in a puzzle magazine for the public.  They wanted to find out if the encryption can withstand the geek factor.  Never they could imagine that an autistic boy can break the code naturally, much to the dismay of the the NSA director.  He sends assassins to kill Simon to protect the top secret encryption code.

Bruce Willis as the FBI agent is very good at what he does and foils each time the assassins try to kill Simon. This has been the story line since Simon's parents got killed and a twist comes in from time to time which made the movie bearable to watch.  

A film made in the 1998 I could say this is one of Willis' great work.  Although this one character won't shine among his other works, but his performance here is well worthy to note.  We love the story line albeit predictable but his concern to protect the boy is the main premise which we love.  Critics don't like this movie but we suggest otherwise.

If you are into movie marathons, we suggest that you include this movie in your list.  

Special Skills in Mercury Rising (1998)

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Since Charlie's Angels is coming out with a new remake, revival of sorts, we would like to bring you back in the year 2000.  When the trio of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu came in as the swashbuckling three.  Fighting for gender equality in a slew of male dominated action films, seeing these three rough it out with the bad guys was a welcome treat.

Although based on the TV series way back in the 70s this film wasn't like that of the original.  The action film has a lot of comedy blended into it.  It was fresh take on an old concept but I did wish they would have lessened it and stuck with the original.

Cameron Diaz was great as Natalie Cook here and as the somewhat leader of the group.  Lucy Liu as Alex Munday, the nerd, and Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders, the youngest of the bunch.  Each character has something different to offer to make a great blend.  To top off the brew, you get the great comedian Bill Murray as John Bosley.  The ever loyal assistant to Charlie who provides the physical semblance of sorts.

Although the onscreen chemistry of the four actors seem to be great, it was sad to note that Bill Murray and Lucy Liu had somewhat of a bad vibe on set (no more Bill Murray on the sequel).  Nevertheless they finished the film and it was a fun movie.  Supported by Sam Rockwell and Tim Curry, Matt LeBlanc, Luke Wilson and Tom Green, this movie is headed for the box office.

A surprise performance here was from Crispin Glover as the Thin Man.  He was so great in the role that his character was extended to the sequel.  A little bit weird but with the film as absurdly shown, he really shines herein.

Another mindless movie watch of a film, but entertaining. Just get some laughs (too many jokes and innuendos to mention), then you forget about the story in a day or two.  I had to watch this movie many times before I can properly write this review.

Good Morning Charlie - Charlie's Angels (2000)

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Who would have thought Jamie Foxx could play a US President?  Or Channing Tatum as a suave secret service wannabe?  Only in this film.  Although we couldn't believe them doing their roles, they were fictionally great in them, although we still can't believe it.

Foxx as President Sawyer is my kind of president.  Lot of jokes, wears sneakers with his suit, and loves social media.  A highly unlikely traits of the president of the most powerful nation in the world.  Channing Tatum as a secret agent? Come on, after watching him first in dance movies, we liked him here more than he dances.  Still we can't believe him as an agent, he will surely stand out from the crowd.

That being said, if taken together these two, they have onscreen chemistry, It was like watching Jacky Chan and Owen Wilson, Jacky Chan with Chris Tucker, I kinda linked Jackie Chan with Tatum with Foxx acting sa his sidekick although Jamie Foxx is far more better than Owen and Chris performance wise.

Both performers were great however, the story telling part of this film sucks big time.  I can't relate to the characters to begin with.  Channing as great an actor he is, I can't get him connected as a loving father who brings his daughter to the White House on the day he is applying to be an agent.  There was not enough connection between the father and daughter thing before everything explodes.  Same thing with the president.  All lead different lives before the invasion began and in the process tries to build connection between father and daughter and agent wannabee with the president.

Action scenes were top notch here and we were glad that the actors themselves did most of the stunts, adding value to the film.  But that ends there.  If I just wanted to watch the stunt scenes, then my money was well worth the film.  The movie tried to be serious in some parts, but I was was already enjoying the comic relief provided by the two that shifting tones midway derails my viewing enjoyment.  How I wish it was just a run and gun movie with me not worrying about the plot.

Maybe both Tatum and Foxx tried to salvage the film and would try to make some meaty portions into it but no matter great their acting, they can't compare to the meaty film of the same plot - Olympus has fallen.  Sorry but I can't review this movie without reference to the other.  They both came out the same year 2013.  Both movies have stellar casting but somehow this film fell flat.

If you want to just watch the action, then go for this movie.  Don't dwell on the drama or else you''ll end up wanting.  Just look at Tatum and Foxx, and smile.

This film is currently being shown both on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What's up with White House Down (2013)

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Knight and Day?  Why was this film titled such?  I have no clue what so ever.  Tom Cruise was Roy Miller and Cameron Diaz was June Havens in this film.  Roy is a spy with a very precious item that he has to transport and with all the government agents after him, he has a ridiculous plan of hiding it in June's trolley bag.  Hoping that his precious cargo would be "safe" with her.

Ridiculously unfortunate for June, all the passengers on the plane, maybe less than 10, all were agents out to get Roy.  She was the only civilian in the plane!  I can't imagine how the other agents pulled that one off, buying off the entire flight just to get to Roy.  Of course Roy is Tom Cruise and who could beat him right?  In a twist of fate they survived the ordeal and June is back to her "normal" world, only to be pursued again by the agents that were after Roy.  And Roy comes back to save her.  This has been always the case, of Roy saving June.

At first the action in the first half was great.  It was the transitions that somehow left us wanting to see what happened when June is blacked out.  It wasn't just once she was blacked out and this happened a number of times.  Once she wakes up, she's stuck in a new scenario and we are waiting for the next action sequence to come along and then all the screen blacks out again.

Maybe this is where the name of the movie was derived.  Its night and day, she blacks out then awakes at another country or scene.

Tom Cruise was brilliant as always with his fight scenes and somehow Cameron Diaz offers complementary to this with her role.  Although she can hold her own action scene (Charlie's Angels), she and Tom has somewhat of a connection that we liked.

Skip the ridiculous story line and plot twists, the movie enjoyable.  Just don't put logic and sense into it.  Simply be entertained.

Currently being shown in Amazon Prime.

Non Stop Energy - Knight and Day (2010)

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