When you got that Project Power (2020)

What do you get when you have two powerhouse stars in one movie?  You get a powerful movie with Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt giving you a pumped up action movie.  Lets dive in if it truly is a powerhouse movie as well.

In future New Orleans, a new drug called "Power" has been circling the public offering superpowers to anyone who takes it.  Power that supposed to be super is not unlimited so it only is effective for only five minutes.  For some the time is enough just to have that spurt.

The powers that it gives vary from person to person so its something of a surprise for us viewers how the drug would effect the user.

Movie moves around two characters, Art (Jamie Foxx) and Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  Art is a former "power" test subject who's daughter was the essential ingredient of it.  It seemed that she's got the power naturally.  So this organization was extracting something from her and turns these into the "power" drug.  Being so valuable, she's been kidnapped so that the production of this drug goes unabated.

So the story here goes Art is hard up in finding his daughter and hopes to saves her from the organization.  Frank meanwhile hopes to protect his confidential informant as he gets his "power" from her.

A lot of action later, both Art and Frank came into terms and decides to help each other out in end.

If you seem shocked to read how we jumped into the end, well, that's what the movie is all about.  Don't get us wrong, the premise is interesting for us.  Who wouldn't want to have super powers for even just five minutes?  How about a loving father who would anything to find and save his daughter?  How about a righteous cop who drugs himself so that he can be a good cop?

What happens in between was a downer for us.  Amid the stunning special effects and action scenes, the script was boring, the twists and turn was slow and that we only love the computer graphics for most of it.  The drug in itself is not consistent, and its effects varies from person to person.  So its exciting to wait how it affects the person who uses the drug.  But that's only thing that one will have to be excited about in this movie.

Our stars Foxx and Levitt gave stellar performances here but it was all Foxx in the movie from start to finish so it was great to see him here.  

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