A pleasant surprise in Guess Who (2005)

Mixed couples usually is still a touchy issue so when this movie takes a crack at it, they did take a crack at it via comedy.

When Theresa Jones (played by Zoe Saldana) brings home his man, Simon Green (played by Ashton Kutcher) to meet her parents, all hell breaks loose in the Jones' household.  Theresa failed to mention to his father Percy Jones (played by Bernie Mac) that Simon is a white dude.  Immediately Percy went into racist mode and tries to alienate Simon, while the latter tries his best to impress the former.  Here we have an adventure like no other as two great comedians take a hit from each other in different situations.

Bernie Mac is Bernie Mac and he can really deliver his comedic scenes to the hilt and we were not disappointed with Ashton Kutcher either.  The latter being a great comedian himself, so the witty and slapstick back and forth between the two was seamless if we may so.  The seriousness of Percy's wife and daughter provided for a contrast making the film an interesting watch.

Although racy jokes are in the mix here, we have no problem with some stereotypes that were given.  We felt it was all in jest and the objective here was to make us laugh.  In the end the movie is great way to relax and enjoy your friday night marathon.

Lucky for you this one is currently showing on Amazon Prime Video.

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