Things you do to be a Part Time Spy (2017)


When you are into some quirky nice asian comedy movie, you've got to give it to these two. The movie is about two women who came from different government agencies to learned to work together to achieve a similar objective.

Movie revolves around a voice phishing syndicate that victimized one of the heads of a national security agency.  He was swindled of USD500,000 and he doesn't want his superiors to know about this.  Hoping to get it back, Deputy Department Head Park (played by Jo Jae-yoon), enlists Jang Young-shil (played by kang Ye-won), whom he fired earlier to infiltrate the phishing syndicate.  He enlists her outside of the agency thus she's not an authorized agent in the case nor the mission was authorized.

Young-shil thought she's undertaking in an sanctioned mission so she did so brilliantly.  Not only did she was hired by the phishing company, she excelled in it as well.  Making her very close to its Country Manager, Min-Seok (played by Namkoong Min).

During her mission, she encounters Na Jung-an (played by Hand Chae-ah) an undercover police agent who's mission is also to track down and gather evidence against the phishing syndicate headed by Min-Seok.

Young-shil is not a fully trained operative so she bungles all her approaches but when she was collaborating with Jung-an (a fully trained police undercover), they complement each other.  Their team gave much to progress of the mission and to the capture of the syndicate in the end.

The movie story is very light and its not that much cerebral.  One can sit down and plunk down in the movie straight forward.  Comedy is near slapstick and offers a lot of fish out of water scenes with surprise skills along the way.

Although not been shown in most popular streaming sites, its currently being shown in YouTube.  When you want to simply sit down and simply have that needed escape, then add this movie to your asian comedy marathon.

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