Yes!!!! You've Got Mail (1998)

Movie is around Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan) who owns a children's bookstore in New York.  That aside from tending her store, she's excited to hear three words from her computer, when AOL rings "You've Got Mail".  Whenever she hears this, it means that she's got mail from her online friend named NY152 (her online persona is "Shopgirl").  Both are bonded through emails, even if they don't know each other in person, they feel a connection of their minds.

From emails, they moved on to online chats as Kathleen's bookstore is being threatened by a new bookstore partly owned by Joe.  As each do not know each others personal details, they didn't know that they are competitors in real life.  Finally they decide to meet but somehow Joe manages to discover who Shopgirl really is and he stood her up at their meeting.

Joe started to have feelings for Kathleen yet the latter would not have any for Joe.  In spite of their being competitors, Joe tried his best to win over Kathleen's favors.  With Joe's persistence, both managed to become friends, close friends even.  With a heightened friendship between them, Joe then confessed to Kathleen his true feeling for her.  She's now confused as he likes Joe now but still pines for her online friend NY152.  She left Joe on the streets while she prepares to meet with NY152.

While waiting for online friend in the park, in comes Joe.  Kathleen cried upon seeing him, only then she realized that NY152 is Joe.  She cried because in her heart, she wanted NY152 to be Joe.  She cried because she was happy.

This couple is great together especially in the romance comedy department.  We liked them in "Sleepless in Seattle" and now they are back together in this movie.  Although if we weigh in these two movies, we favor heavily on Sleepless over this but we don't get enough of them so we recommend this too.

Tom Hanks is in his usual self, a great actor and performer and he is so cool and relaxed when paired with Meg Ryan.  Meg is so cute and innocent looking here and our screen lights up when these two are together.  

Don't expect here the magic found din Sleepless as this film is a different animal altogether.  It feeds on our craving for affection found online, but in the end, what we need is physical love and affection.  Nothing compares to reality and this movie showed that Meg Ryan truly hopes Tom Hanks is NY152.  So after watching this movie, try to get out more and socialize physically.  Meeting people in real life is far more exciting than clicking like buttons on your friend's posts. :)

Currently showing in Netflix as of this writing.

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