We like Gong Yoo so what? - She's on Duty (2005)

We admire Gong Yoo in his portrayals in The Goblin and Coffee Prince in the Korean dramas that we like to see him in a movie setting.  Here we find him playing seconds to Kim Sun-a  (who plays that police detective Chun Jae-in) who works undercover always as a highschooler.

In most parts in the film, Jae-in infiltrates a school to befriend a daughter of a notorious gangster. As the gangster is in hiding from his gangster enemies, Jae-in tries to protect the daughter Cha Seung Hee (played by Nam Sang-mi) and possibly extract more information about the father's activities.  This wasn't as simple as she thought it would be as Seung Hee has a reclusive type personality.  She knows her father's activities and she disapproves of it.  So much so that she is a recluse, never wants to make friends in school, making Jae-in's mission a bit difficult.  

At the same time with Jae-in's arrival comes Kang No-young (played by Gong Yoo).  Nothing much was shown with No-young's intentions in the early parts of the movie except that he also is interested in Seung Hee and both of them live across Seung Hee's residence.

Eventually Seung Hee's warms up to Jae-in and they are best of friends.  Meanwhile other characters pop in to create a stir in the story.  Another agent cop swoops in as a teacher and a motorcycle riding character zips in to protect Seung Hee's father.  The latter wears a helmet always so you can't discern who it was.  Later on Jae-in suspects No-young is that motorcycling individual.

Like in most story plots, all must come in the end.  Seung Hee was kidnapped to bring in his father where a duel with the rival boss was inevitable.  Also Jae-in teams up with No-young who was revealed as a gang member protecting Seung Hee's father.  The team was able to subdue the whole gang and both Seung Hee and her father was rescued.

No-young being a gangster, he escaped just in time the police arrived, must to the dismay of Jae-in whom she had started to have feelings for.  Although she was wary of that kind of relationship since she is already mature compared to No-young.

Several months later in another of Jae-in's assignments, she pretends to be a nun to capture a criminal.  In the ensuing chase, No-young shows up and helps her catch the criminal.  A kiss was forthcoming but Jae-in had to be sure, that No-young was just a youthful looking man.

The whole film is a feel good movie and the storyline is so thin if you ask me.  Although not original in concept, it was still refreshing to see this with both Gong Yoo and Kim Sun-a.  The latter was a bit over the top during the first few minutes of the film, but somehow she mellowed down and came back to earth and then we loved her.  Gong Yoo came much in the middle and his presence is always overshadowed with that of Sun-a.  But just a smile from Gong Yoo will bring him back on screen again.  Both by the way looked good together but a romantic relationship only started to be felt past midway.  Not much situations were given to  offer that cute moments between the two as the story line calls for the protection of that gangster's daughter.

A lovely film if you ask us, just a little thin but its not bad either.  For an asian film made in 2005, this is already watchable. We are wary of early asian films but this one will not disappoint.

Currently showing on YouTube, of course not High Definition, but best of all its free.

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