F*** your mercy - Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

543 years in the future, we have our film Alita:  Battle Angel.  It presents Earth in a futuristic present surviving 300 years after a huge war call "The Fall".  Movie starts off with Dr. Dyson Ido (played by Christoph Waltz) finding a disembodied cyborg and proceeds to resurrect it in his workshop.  He attaches his find to a complete body and she was "born".  The cyborg wakes up with no idea of her past, and learns basic things in using her new body, like walking and eating.  She was then called Alita by Dr. Ido.

Being a naive girl, the world is new to Alita and is excited to learn new things.  During her exploration she friends up with Hugo (played by Keean Johnson), a young man who dreams to be part of Zalem, the only remaining sky city after The Fall.  Hugo in his desire to achieve his dream, is secretly robbing cyborg parts for Vector (played by Mahershala Ali), the owner of the Motorball tournament in Iron City.

It seemed that Hugo is not the only one with secrets as Dr. Ido himself has one.  Alita was curious as to why Dr. Ido was going out late at nights so she followed him.  In following him, they got ambushed by a group of cyborgs led by Grewishka  (played by Jackie Earle Haley).

It turns out that Dr. Ido, in financing his workshop and help poor cyborgs, he was also earning as a hunter warrior.  As they were outnumbered by the gang, Dr. Ido tried to protect Alita but surprisingly, Alita turned out to be skilled in combat.  She subdued the ambushing gang except for Grewishka (who escaped with an injury).

During the ensuing fight, Alita had bits of her memory coming back.  She felt that if she keeps this up, her memory would come back.  She wants to be a hunter warrior so that she can do so.  Dr. Ido advises her not to be one.

In another scene, Alita then was led by Hugo and friends to a spaceship wreck and there she finds an advanced cyborg body and asked Dr. Ido to transfer her to it.  He would not do such a thing much to Alita's disappointment.  Eventually Alita becomes a hunter warrior and finds Grewishka back for a rematch and she lost and damages her cyborg body.  Left with no choice Dr. Ido proceeds to use the found cyborg body on Alita.

By this time Alita is in love with Hugo and intends to join the motorball so that the prize money can send Hugo to Zalem or Sky City.  Upon seeing her love for him, Hugo decides to change his ways.  In end, Hugo tries to go to Zalem via one of its cargo tubes but was cut down by one of its defenses.  Alita continued her motorball tournament and is a rising superstar.  She promises to avenge Hugo's death by pointing her sword towards Zalem.

Usually we are wary of watching movies that are based on Manga as sometimes the adaptation is far from it.  Although we are not privy to the manga, we love this film super to the max!!! The CGI was top notch and they painted Alita's world to a perfect T.  We can relate to it to the year 2563 and all the characters was woven nicely to it.

With an impressive cast, how can this film go wrong?  We have Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly and Mahershala Ali here so this film is not short on the performance part.  Rosa Salazar glady levelled up and meet the standards set by her peers and she gave an also am impressive performance as the lead heroine.

Pacing of the story was great.  There were times it was necessary to go slow and it goes well with the story telling.  Credit this to Robert Rodriguez style of directing.  We love his earlier works and he is that no nonsense and very good with action shabang style.  Fight scenes that are over the top action and entertaining, that's Rodriguez for you.

All in all, the movie is great, it has more good reviews than bad last time we checked.  We thought the ending was a cliffhanger of sorts.  We might have a sequel to this.

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