He was armed with a spoon - American Ultra (2015)

Why do we find a messy and choppy film is a good film?  When it's intentional.  The movie surprisingly entertained us and here we go.

Mike Howell (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is addicted to pot who has a stoner girl friend in Phoebe Larson (played by Kristen Stewart).  The lived in a secluded town of Liman, West Virginia.  He works as a store clerk and he was activated by Victoria Lasseter (played by Connie Britton).  Unknown to him, Mike is part of  a sleeper CIA spy program Wiseman Ultra.  She delivered a code to him but it had a delayed effect on him.  He only realized that he had hidden talents when he confronted two men from the Toughguys program sent to kill him.  He was able to kill them using a spoon.  He freaks out and call Phoebe explaining he doesn't understand how he was able to do what he just did.  Eventually the Sheriff arrives and whisks them to the station for questioning when two more Toughguys arrived and killed the entire police force.

Using his new found skills, both Mike and Phoebe was able to survive the attack.  They run and hide most of the time until Mike learns that Phoebe is also a CIA operative assigned to be his handler.  Broken hearted, he tried to stay away from Phoebe but she was kidnapped by the Toughgys.  Mike then arranges for his surrender in exchange for Phoebe but as usual, he prevailed and was able to rescue Phoebe.

There were a lot of things happening in the movie that we felt was a bit over top and that was not relevant the story thus we deemed this as a messy movie.  But if the mess was done with intent and nicely done, its entertaining and we love this film.  Jesse Eisenberg can be quirky and this trait suits his role as Mike Howell here.  A paranoid stoner with lots of things in his mind he really did pull this one off.

Honestly we pictured Kristen Stewart as a vampire but that changed with her portrayal as Phoebe here.  We were surprised that she can act, really, her character in the Twilight was not endearing to us.  We thought she could not measure up with Jesse here that we might as well focus on him more.  But lo and behold, she did a fine job here and we can say, she can stand high in this movie in the acting department. Jesse and her really brought the film to fruition and they did entertain us.

Quirky, witty, action well done with romance on the side, this movie is a big hit for us. 

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