What are doing on a Sunday? Pinoy Sunday (2009)

How can you make a movie about a red couch?  This movie tackles lives of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Taiwan and it was a great one to be discussed much more to make one a movie.

We have two main characters Dado Tagalog (played by Bayani Agbayani) and Manuel Dela Cruz (played by Epie Quizon) who came to Taiwan to work in a bicycle factory.  During their stay in Taiwan, Dado misses his family back home while he has been estranged with another Filipina in Taiwan Anna (played by Meryll Soriano).  Manuel meanwhile is still single but was bewitched with Cecilia's beauty (played by Alessandra De Rossi).  Both had to let go of their love interests in Taiwan then comes this red couch.  A red couch which was left behind by a Taiwanese couple since it does not go well with their new home's motif.

Our two leads found this red couch on the sidewalk and decides to bring it home to their accommodation or dormitory.  Since the couch is huge, it won't fit in the public bus, renting a truck to bring it cost a lot of money so they were relegated to simply carrying it home.  Then the adventure begins.

The journey home with that red couch tested the duo's relationship and it put them in different situations, some comedic some serious moments.  In the end, they simply left the red couch and went home by bus.

In the last scene we see both are back in the Philippines and wonder about putting up a business together instead.

A simple movie, story line so thin, but rich in situations that mirrors the lives of our OFW's in Taiwan.  We wonder how refreshing the take was done on this film only to find out that  Taiwanese director had a hand in this movie.  The approach was different and thank God, the production wasn't Filipino.  Not that we don't trust a Filipino production, but having a foreign production do this gave this movie a fresh rendition and it showed a truer Filipino life in Taiwan.  We were expecting that certain Pinoy stereotypes will be shown but there none.  

The OFW's were fairly presented and the movie was entertaining if you ask us.  Its a must watch and you can catch this one on Netflix.  The latter promised to show more Filipino movies in their content and kudos to Netflix.

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