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Posted by Katooga.PH in , | January 14, 2019

We all know that Venom was introduced in previous Spiderman movies as the villain.  So why create a spin off movie about him?  This I simply can't understand while watching the trailers.  Would a Spiderman fan watch this?  For starters, we will watch this film as it stars Tom Hardy.  He's a great actor and really picks roles as he deems he can truly push the character at its best.  Second is, we are curious how Sony Pictures will handle this comic character knowing that they had to collaborate with Marvel Studios regarding Spiderman.  Although Venom is not done with Marvel Studios, we are excited to see what they had in store for us Marvel fans.

Now after watching the much awaited film, we can't help but say its not as great as we hoped it would be.  All I can say is that Tom Hardy saved the movie.  Venom is a great character, a great villain, so what seems to be the problem?

It seemed like Sony Pictures just needed the money and they know Venom is a great cash cow that will rake in lots of moolah with Tom Hardy in the starring role.  If not for the fast paced action, the movie has a flat story line.  It left me with lots of questions more than of entertainment.

So Venom came from space, and he is not the only one.  We got that part in the film.  Question was, how did the other venom or symbiote know he or she or it should go to the US?  How did they understand our language so fast?  How did venom got his name?  What was the name of the other symbiote?  If Venom prefers live food, how did Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy's character) eat?  Will Eddie not eat and only venom?  Venom's species weaknesses were of loud noises and fire, how did they survive the crash?  That's a lot of noise and fire there.  When venom was paired with human hosts in the lab, the hosts died.  I think it was eating the internal organs of its hosts, why did not venom ask for live food there?  Why did the scientist did not ask Venom what he likes?  Why was one host alive and the villain assumed that it takes time for Venom to adjust?  What made this host different?  What was with Eddie Brock that Venom was compatible with?  Eddie's ex-GF also became a host, why did Venom like her as well?  Venom wanted to invade earth using his co-symbiotes, then had a change of heart, why?  He mentioned that he was a loser like "Eddie", would he be a hero and a winner if he brings all his symbiotes back to earth?  He felt a winner with Eddie that he decided to save earth?  What made him almost to give his life to save Eddie?  and why is always bites the heads of people?  When he did bite someone in front of that cashier, walks out simply from the store, that's it?  Why the cashier didn't panic is a puzzler for me, and why did I finish this film?

A villain being shown as a hero, a dark hero is beyond me.  Why Sony did this is beyond my comprehension.  In the end, I still don't think of him as a hero, is he a villain with a conscience?  A vigilante?  OMG im still adding more questions so to speak.

Ill add more questions - why did Michelle Williams kiss Eddie Brock while Venom was in her?  why did Michelle Williams acting a so so performance?  Was it a poorly written character that she can't make heads or tails how her character would interact with Eddie?  She left Eddie as she was a loser, and when he came back, she was already with a Doctor, in a matter of half a year?  Why did he ask his new BF to check Eddie?  Why would Eddie say yes to this, if I was the BF why would I check and treat an ex-BF?  I would have just referred another doctor to fix Eddie (this is just me I guess), why is that always the next BF is a lame BF (yes he is a doctor to Eddie's reporter but still he acted lame)?

On the matter of the Imperial Pilot (of Star Wars - Rogue One), errr Riz Ahmed, he plays a villain here, Carlton Drake.  Why is he always insisting to use human test subjects right away?  He knows its bad, but he is doing this so that he will be portrayed a really bad ass villain?  When he became a host of another symbiote, he simply just said yes to the plan of bringing other symbiotes to earth, knowing it will be of earth's destruction?  He will be the only one living, is that it?  What's the fun of being the last person on earth among the symbiotes?  Now that I know Riot is the name of the other symbiote, how on earth or alien's world get that name?  How did Venom get his name (I had to ask twice here)?  When other symbiotes come, what will be their names?  Rampage?  Optimus Prime? Rage? 

If it wasn't for Tom Hardy, I would say skip this film altogether.  But he is so handsome, manly, rugged and charismatic and plus the fact that he really did his part well in the movie that watching him and his CGI counterpart is truly a spectacle.  Poorly written script may have drove the other characters off the cliff as I was not impressed by their performances.  Kudos to Tom Hardy for providing a good watchable film even though his character was also poorly written.  He really is a great performer.

After enduring the this film to the end, I am now reading and watching some fans saying that Venom 2 will be far more greater than this.  Surely it would be, as the saying goes, there's no other way but up.  Really going up?  I hope so, I don't want to watch it and say it went further down than this film.  Carnage, another anti hero symbiote will be introduced and will be the villain to our anti hero turned hero Venom.  This will lead me to more questions, but................................... I will hold them to myself for now and let the writers of Venom 2 have their way with the story line.  I just pray that they will offer a well written script this time around.

As a disclaimer to this article - I am a Marvel fan yes, but im not a comic fanatic so if you think I do not know about this character, you are correct.  I am just rambling off questions that a normal (non-comic fan) would experience when they watched this film.  If you wish to barrage me of how I am an ignoramus on the subject, don't.  I have already admitted that I am.  If you wish to answer my questions here, email me away at

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