Your guide to a wonderful movie marathon
Posted by Katooga.PH in | November 28, 2018

There are some movie plots that when you watched them once, and you're happy, and that if used twice, you will cry enough!!!!!  Well, this film has that movie plot that will make you shout enough.

When we watched the very first one with Robin Williams in 1995, it was a great movie.  Plot was simple somewhat and with William's acting, it pushed the movie to higher levels.  Making it an enjoyable experience for us.

Then in 2005, hoping to cash in on the Jumanji success, they used the same plot in Zathura: A Space Adventure.  Sadly, without Robin Williams, we didn't like the film.  We remember the actors, some of them, but we can't remember the scenes.  

Fast forward to 2018, we are now served with the same plot, with Dwayne "the rock" Johnson as its lead.  We love The Rock however his career is on a downward spiral in our perception.  He is charismatic on screen we get it, but if he keep on continuing to do the same roles, characters relying on his huge biceps, his on screen presence will go stale.  His recent movies, Skyscraper and Rampage shows his manly features and this Jumanji outing is no exception.  If we go back further, we see Baywatch, Central Intelligence, Hercules, Pain and Gain, Fast and Furious films, we had enough of the muscular machismo of Dwayne Johnson.  If he could only be choosy with roles, we think he can still extend further his performance from being the muscle man that he is.  We like his drama in the Gridiron Gang, his being the bad guy in Get Smart, the cuteness in The Game Plan, the toughness in Walking Tall (yes it still showed his muscles, but in a good and realistic way).

Now another actor, Kevin Hart goes the same way with how Johnson is when choosing his roles.  I can't see him in a role that is not talking (more of bickering and whining).  When you see him first time, its funny.  See him in multitudes of the same role, you get my drift.  We liked his trailer film of "the Upside", now he is the same here but with a purpose.  Never knew he had it in him.  We will surely watch that movie.

Jack Black is Jack Black.  A great character actor in School of Rock, Nacho Libre, Tropic Thunder among many others.  His portrayal of a zoologist here was okay.  It would have been great but it wasn't his fault we believe.  His character in real or non-jumanji movie life, is a female, so when you get sucked in Jumanji and plays a middle aged man, you will expect him to act gay (or shouldn't he?).  

Lastly Karen Gillan of the Guardians of the Galaxy fame.  Aside from the Marvel franchise, we have yet to watch a film other than this.  She simply surfaced and now was cast in this film.  With her looks, we know why she was cast in this role.  Enough said.  Her acting her, based on the material, was great.  She didn't leaped on us with his character (another material at fault, not her) but nevertheless is was just enough for us to like her in the story.

Now story wise, a rehash of two films, doesn't mean this will make the critics go wow.  As a cash cow, maybe with Johnson in it, it might bring in some big bucks.  You may watch this film if there isn't any other good movie around and just enjoy the charisma of Johnson plus his talkative sidekick.